Impressions On Hold February 2009

Job #10154


Valentine’s Day/customer appreciation

January may have been a cold month for many, but Valentine’s Day brings warmth – and the promise of spring right around the corner. It’s the perfect time to let you know how much we look forward to helping you with your home financing needs now and for years to come. Thank you for choosing MetLife Home Loans, part of MetLife Bank, a member of the MetLIfe family.  Thank you for holding – we’ll be right with you.


As a member of the MetLife family, we can offer you more than great home loans. For 140 years, MetLife has worked hard to help Americans achieve financial independence and that continues to be our goal in the 21st century. From banking services that offer high yield results and low risk to XXXXXXXXXX, MetLife is there for you. For more information, ask your PERSONHELPINGYOU for more information when we return and thank you for holding.

FHA Streamline Refi

In today’s market, refinancing may be the smart thing to do. MetLife Home Loans offers streamline refinancing – refinancing without a lot of paperwork. You may even qualify for refinancing without a new home appraisal. Lower your monthly payments and put extra cash in your pocket today – ask how MetLife Home Loans can help when we return.

Tax Credit

It may only be February – but July 31st and the deadline for your $7500 tax credit will be here before you know it!

[NOTE: Can’t add anything else since I don’t know what the tax credit is or who gets it! Need more info, please!]

Disclosures for all scripts:

All loans subject to approval. Certain restrictions may apply. Mortgage Financing provided by MetLife Home Loans, a division of MetLife Bank. Equal Housing Lender.


[BTW – the job request says 2 new messages…then lists 3 topics – please advise!]

MetLife – sound and stable

Thank you for holding – we’ll be right with you. At MetLife Home Loans, we appreciate your business. We know you have a choice in today’s market, and we’re proud to be your choice. MetLife Home Loans is part of the MetLife family of companies, which has been helping Americans with their financial goals for 140 years. Now more than ever, you want to deal with a company that will be there in the future. MetLife Home Loans is strong, stable – and we’ll be there for you everyday.

$7500 Tax Credit

It expires 7/31/09 – and it sounds really great. Everyone needs one.

[See previous note.]


When your customers are thinking about refinancing – call us. We can offer refinancing programs that cut down on the paperwork and hassle and free up cash for your borrowers. With our Streamline Refinance, qualified borrowers don’t need a new appraisal to qualify. For more information, ask about our refinance programs when we return – and thanks for holding.

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