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 November 13, 2008

 Laniq Adams



   Bring your money here … and watch it grow

   In the mood to let your money grow?

   We’re different. Click and we’ll show you how.

   Remember that piggy bank you has as a kid?

   It makes cents to let your money grow…

   We specialize in common cents…

   From little cents do great money trees grow

   Started hiding your money under your mattress yet?

   We’ve got a better savings solution than your cookie jar (mattress?)

   We’ve helped savings accounts big and small grow … we can help you

   Big or small, you’ve got to start somewhere

   Pay yourself first … it pays off.

   Good grief! You need a savings plan.

   There’s a reason Snoopy sleeps so soundly… (goes with graphic of snoopy on doghouse) SUBHEAD … his money’s    safely growing  (he’s got a nest egg safely stored with MetLife Bank)



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   In today’s climate, you want a company that can help guide you to financial freedom and a secure future. MetLife Bank,    a member of the MetLife family of companies, can help you save for the future with High Yield Money Market Accounts,    CDs, Savings Accounts and IRAs.

   Four key reasons to trust MetLife bank with your hard-earned money are:

  •    You’ll enjoy rates of return that are consistently high – your money grows faster and you reach your savings goals more quickly
  • Your funds are FDIC* insured – you can rest easier knowing your money is protected
  •    You have someone to talk to – a “real” person: MetLife Affiliated Financial Services Representatives are available locally to answer questions and help you with your financial needs. Ask your advisor about a complementary financial analysis.
  • You have options, such as:
    • A Money Market Account, with high interest rates and easy access to funds via phone, online, check and ATMs worldwide
    • CDs where you can lock in a high rate of return with a variety of terms from 3 months to 5 years, with as little as $2,000
    • A High Yield Savings Account where you receive better interest rates with higher balances and convenient access to your cash online and at ATMs worldwide
    • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), with several types of tax-advantaged, high-interest-rate IRAs, including traditional, Roth and Coverdell Education Savings Account, all with no annual maintenance fee††

   For more information about MetLife Bank products and current interest rates – and how we can help you -- <CLICK    HERE? OR CONTACT INFO>

   *FDIC insured up to $<TBD> per ownership category on standard deposit accounts and up to $<TBD> for Roth and    Traditional IRA accounts.

   †Money Market and Savings Accounts are subject to withdrawal limitations. Ask for details.

   ††Other transaction fees may apply. Consult your tax advisor about the potential tax benefits available to    you when opening or contributing to an IRA.

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